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Second Day's Performances Second To None (English)

The Hitavada

"His world starts from the place where many a flute exponents find an end to their limits. Though it sounds a bit exaggerated, there is no denying the fact that Gupta's innovation has enabled him to render all ragas in Mandra Saptak on flute."

Tale Of Two Flutes (English)

"On an apparent level, Sunil and I are almost opposites in every way. Apart from our cultural and social difference, we are very dissimilar as individuals. Yet it is so surprising that when we are playing together, all these differences vanish. We are able to communicate so easily, so completely through our music."

Sirf Ek Tammana (The Only Wish)(Hindi)

"Sunil originally belongs to Lucknow. He has played his soulful flute in countless films and serials. He has also innovated a folding flute, with which he is able to render the base notes with ease. His dream is to perform at London's Royal Albert Hall."

No One After Bismillah Khan, Eh?(English)

Mumbai Mirror

"The Hindustani music tradition has gathered strength precisely because individual musicians have innovated continuously. Also because there have been a few musicians in every generation who have realized, as they matured, that music is an exploration and expression of the self."

Pandit Kumar Gandharv Amrut Mahotsav(Hindi)

Dainik Bhaskar

"The Gayaki Ang within the Khayal form is especially evident in his performance. The audience appreciated his performance very much. The future is definitely very bright for this young artist."


Nav Bharat

"In the Shanischar Jayanti Samaroh held yesterday, the artists from Mumbai playing the flute, tabla, violin and tanpura captivated the audience with a soul stirring performance."

Mind Boggling Flute Recital Has Audience Enraptured (Ma

Green City

"The mesmerizing notes of the flute in the Dr. Deshpande auditorium enraptured the audience. Sunil Kant Gupta's flute performance gave music lovers an opportunity to experience this great feeling"

Listeners Mesmerized By Sunil's Flute(Hindi)

Nav Bharat

"This performance places Sunil in the league of established artists in the field of music"

Audience Hypnotized By Flute Performance(Hindi)

Rashtriya Sahara

"The Avadh Sandhya event was captured by Sunil's performance. In a mehfil of classical ragas, the audience explored the depths of music with his brilliant performance"

Soothing Performance(Hindi)


"Sunil's inclination to innovate and explore ideas off the beaten track establishes him as a unique and special artist"

Lokmat Samachar(Hindi)

"In the second session of the program, youth artist Sunil Kant Gupta from Mumbai gave a performance, which one could liken to Lord Krishna's miraculous Maha Raas episode."

S. R. A 'S Three Day Music Festival (Bengali)


"Sunil's presentation of the raga was very elaborate. The base flute created a serious mood for the raga in the lower octave. This was further emphasized with his fine blowing technique. He also displayed his command on taan kari while maintaining the purity of the raga."

Guru Sanmman (Felicitation) By Sunil On Guru Poornima

Jansatta Express

"Sunil presented Raag Yaman, Raag Megh and Bhatiyali dhun in the Guru Sanman Utsav. The base flute made by Sunil was the center of attraction during the performance."

Tuneful Flute Recital Among Vocals

Rashatriya Sahara

"Sunil, an artist popular in India and abroad for his unique style of playing the flute, commenced his performance with Raag Yaman."

Ustad Amir Khan Music Festival (Hindi)

Nav Bharat

"The effect of the tuneful and innovative notes of the flute established its own ambience among the audience"

Audience Drenched By Tuneful Showers(Hindi)

Nayi Duniya

"In the auditorium which was resounding with repeated applause for his performance, Sunil presented a bandish in the gayaki ang in Raag Gaavti."

Beautiful Tune By Sunil Kant(Marathi)

Mumbai Vrutanant

"Sunil Kant Gupta gained the appreciation of the audience, with his performance of Raag Shuddh Sarang and its composition in the gayaki ang."

Heart Touching Raga Yaman(Gujarati)


"Sunil Kant enjoys a high standard in the context of Indian instrumental artists and with the passage of time, will reach the heights of popularity and fame."

Soulful Presentation Of Flute


"Among all the artists, flautist Sunil Kant Gupta's performance was the most soulful and entertaining"

Article About Sunil's Research Work On Bamboo Flute(Eng

The Asian Age

Interview by PTI

Malhar Moods(English)


Notes Of Harmony Surmount Boundaries

The Asian Age

Vani, Veena, Venu : A Musical Experiment(Marathi)

Ambience Fragranced By Notes From Sunil's Flute(Hindi)

Lucknow Hindustan

Sunil Felicitates His Gurus(Hindi)


Ustad Amir Khan Samaroh

Free Press

Unique Style Of Flute Playing(Hindi)

Nav Bharat Rang Tarang

A Flute For The Learners(English)

The Times Of India